Working at the car wash

So everyone loves the idea of killing two birds with one stone right? Want a way to encourage your kids to clean up their garden toys? set up a little car wash… get all their toys lined up, warm soapy water at the ready and maybe even pay then a small fee per car… Great […]

Immerse yourself in a good book

Whilst reading a few different stories with my little boy we decided to reallt get into character. We looked at the different characters in our chosen story and then I did some face painting, we went in search of a costume and then we read the story in character. It was a lot of fun! […]

Empty baby food jars

Use baby food jar as a glass.Use them to help make the transition from baby sippy cups to grown-up glasses a little bit easier. Plus you won’t have to deal with the mess of a leaky, gross sippy cup or the mess of the glass that’s too big or heavy for them to easily handle.😉😃 […]

Huug Snack Bars

These are delicious and look so cute — need I say more 😂

Child Pad iGuy

So I know many of you parents are thinking iPad means screen time but sometimes it good to give some screen time and let them play and explore their creativity and I have found this case which I think is called iguy is really cool, the arms help AR to hold the iPad as she […]

La Petite Creme

Does your baby have a nappy rash – well don’t they all!😅 I tried this cream and it’s really good and effective at helping to calm and soothe the area – would highly recommend it if all else is failing you.

Buggy on a Board

Buggy boards like Lascal ones (link below) are really cool and awesome ways to extend the use of pushchairs and strollers. We have a pretty basic silver cross stroller but like it as its so lightweight and easy(ish) to transport around 🙂  – was not really using this after had a second child but this […]

Lil Flyers Suitcase

This suitcase has been a dream send! Travelling with kids is hard enough but having a case like this where they can sit enjoy themselves helps when your rushing to the gate!   The link below is to a boys spiderman case  

Anytime Jenga!

This may be an obvious one to some but if your little ones are ever bored, then definitely keep a box of Jenga or block pieces in your toy arsenal! There are lots of things you can do like building a tower or even playing Jenga and is a really engaging toy whilst being educational […]