Untangle baby doll hair

Quick and fun hack – if your child has a doll they love but their hair is all tangled then just try dipping the hair in a bowl of warm water with washing up soap for a little while then when you take it out you will see the tangles are so easy to comb […]

Make an engaging home based learning environment πŸ“š

I have seen this post on IG and thought it was an amazing tip – there are 8 in total but as more and more of us are having to home school our kids we need to make the environment and educational space in the home conducive for learning as well as keeping it as […]

Instant noodles for instant travel relief!

Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself but tying that with hungry kids is a disaster in the making. I know this is not the most nutritious advice but when travelling finding places to eat with food suitable for your child can be difficult especially if its late or early hours. One thing you […]

Kids fighting over headphones – try a splitter

If your kids are fighting over an ipad – iphone especially when your on a plane/train πŸ›¬πŸ›©πŸš… and you have headphones connected then try using a headphone splitter and get each child their own headphones that can connect in. Great way to encourage sharing of toys/ devices and keep some control and independence as they […]

Blue light filter for your devices

Lets all be real – we want to stop our kids using too much electronic devices but most of the time we fail miserably πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Mine have a really bad habit of watching in evenings towards bedtime when it starts to get dark and something I’ve recently become aware of is Blue light and its […]

Breathing exercises to help keep you calm!

Picture the scene ( a familiar one for most ) – you and your family are out having a nice meal in a nice place, a well deserved respite, when suddenly out of nowhere tantrum central finds its ugly way into your meal and you have crying babies or fighting kids – everyone is watching […]

Taking Jenga to the next level!

Kids bored and tired of playing the same games again! Well this can help put a new twist on a classic – Jenga 2.0! Take blocks from the Jenga and write things or actions on them like – star jumps, or make a funny face or run around the house in 10 seconds – the […]

Your sleep is as precious as your childs

We are all so keen to build good sleeping habits for our children we often neglect our own. I read a post by Carlene MacMillan, MD, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and founder of Brooklyn Minds, who says a lack of sleep sinks our mood and β€œis a recipe for increased stress for everyone in the household,”. […]

Colouring time but without the mess!

For anyone with really creative and expressive children that prefer painting the walls than a colouring book then this new range of colouring mess free books and pens from Crayola are a godsend! The markers/ pens only work when used against the special paper in the books they supply so if your child uses on […]