Hack #1153

Breathing exercises to help keep you calm!

Picture the scene ( a familiar one for most ) – you and your family are out having a nice meal in a nice place, a well deserved respite, when suddenly out of nowhere tantrum central finds its ugly way into your meal and you have crying babies or fighting kids – everyone is watching you (or so it feels like) and your blood pressure is hitting the moon!

Panic and drama aside situations like this are not good for any parent or any persons health and so it really helps to take a few moments and do some breathing exercises – the following is a good starter:


  1. Sit or stand with elbows and shoulder relaxed, and eyes closed
  2. Take a deep breath in for at least a few seconds and feel the air going into your lungs.
  3. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds
  4. Deep exhale and push the air out of your lungs

Repeat a couple of times and think of something even a moment in your day that made you laugh or smile – can be anything big or small.

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